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Best Bridesmaid Dresses

Best Bridesmaid Dresses – Practical Ideas

Next to the bridal gown, the second most thought of outfits in a wedding are the gowns of the bridesmaids. They are probably given more planning time than the groom’s suit. That is because the color and style of their dresses reflect the motif of the wedding. Choosing the best bridesmaid dresses for the women entourage depends on a lot of factors, including the theme, the season, and the budget.

The bridesmaids’ outfits are traditionally used just once, just like the bride’s own dress. But if you, as the bride, want to incorporate practicality in your bridesmaids’ dresses, you can make the gowns in a simple and versatile cut and design. Simple design doesn’t necessarily mean the dress should look so ordinary that one can wear it everyday, but just practical enough that your bridesmaids can save it for another special event like a class reunion party.

The first thing you need to do is to select a design that has minimum adornments. Rhinestones can make a dress look really beautiful during a wedding, but they are too fussy to wear during dinner dates. Skip the tulles, petticoats, and sheer laces. Go for a simple but timeless classic cut that doesn’t scream attention. Your bridesmaids will also thank you for it.

Where To Find The Best Bridesmaid Dresses

After envisioning the design and cut of the dresses, you now have three choices. You can buy off the rack, have them custom-made, or just rent. The third option is probably the most practical and fuss-free. All you need to do is have the dresses altered to fit your entourage’s sizes. But if you prefer that your bridesmaids own their dresses after the wedding, you can look for the gowns in one store. Simple yet elegant designs are not difficult to find so you have a lot of choices on where you want to buy. While off the rack dresses are not unique, they are often less expensive than custom-made.

You can also have the dresses made along with your bridal gown. A lot of designers have bridal packages that let you save more than buying individual dresses. But if you want to give your entourage more freedom in choosing their own dress, you can just give them the fabric and let them design their own dress. By giving them free rein, they could wear the cut that is most flattering to them. You would most possibly end up with bridesmaid wearing contrasting dress designs. Some would prefer conservative cuts, while others would like a more daring style. But remember, the best bridesmaid dresses are only the best if the women feel good wearing them.