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Tips On Choosing The Best Gowns According To Body Shapes

All women have different body types. A dress may come in your size but that doesn’t mean it is right for you. We all have different shapes. Some of us have curvier build, while others have longer limbs. We can’t all be size 0 supermodels but we are all beautiful in our own way. And in finding the best gowns for us, we need to determine the ones that can best complement our body type.

If the cut doesn’t agree with you, even the most stunning gown of the season can’t bring out your best. Similarly, even the simplest dress can make you look like a million bucks if it is in the right cut, shape, size, and color. Some gowns can look too overwhelming for your figure while others can look a little inadequate. Find the right one for you by looking for the most flattering cut.

The Best Gowns According To Body Figures

As a rule of thumb, don’t draw attention to the body part that you feel you need to tone down. If you have large hips, avoid dresses that gather around the waistline and hips. Also avoid those that have details in the said areas. A beaded gown can look too heavy and won’t balance your figure. The same goes for gowns with heavy fabrics or with belt designs. Instead, choose gowns that have flowing fabric and which falls smoothly over your body.

If you want to hide a problem area, you need gowns that don’t end in that particular spot. For example, a short-sleeved dress only emphasizes the arms where the fabric of the sleeves ends. If you don’t want to draw attention to your arms, you would just be doing exactly that. Unfortunately, fully covering a body part doesn’t always work either. Loose long and sheer sleeves may not call much attention even if the transparency of the fabric doesn’t fully hide your arms. But snug-fitting sleeves with heavy fabric will definitely do. If you are top-heavy, a closed neck, fitted dress will just emphasize your bust area more instead of hiding it. Sometimes, exposing some skin can effectively hide it. A decent cut of the neckline can flatter your asset.

You can also “hide” a part by focusing on another. Say you don’t want a dress that draws attention to your cleavage. You can divert attention from it by wearing something that is low-cut in the back. Similarly, if you want to focus on your asset, choose a gown that does exactly so. If your long legs are your proudest parts, wear a short gown with few details or a long dress with a high slit.

No matter what the season is, fashion doesn’t dictate what the best gowns are. It dictates the trend, but it can’t say which will look good on everybody. Everyone is different. The best dress for you is the one that can make you feel good.