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Bridesmaid Dresses

The Smart Way To Choose Modern Bridesmaid Dresses

Planning for the wedding includes choosing the theme and dress styles for the bridesmaids. This article will give you an idea of the hottest and latest trends in bridesmaid dresses today according to Celebrity Bride Guide.

The Latest Fashion Trends In Bridesmaids Dresses

Chic yet minimalistic is the latest fashion style for bridesmaid dresses. Slip and/or sheath dresses are becoming popular as they butter up a wide selection of body types and can be simply re-worn. Yes, you can use it again as a cocktail dress. These dresses often come in sheer chiffon or silk layers.
Some of the hottest fashion and styles right now are sleeveless or spaghetti straps, two-toned, two-piece, floor length dresses. A-line is the most popular among the trendy dresses for bridesmaid. This gown looks perfect on all body figures. Another popular style is the column style dress. It is lengthy, a halter top or with criss-cross straps over the back, and sleeveless. Separates are popular as well.
For this year, also in the trend are thin belts, bands, or a sash with tiny bows placed on the waist or midriff. Another trend, carried over from last year is the strapless bridesmaid dresses with wrap or shawl.

Modern Colors And Fabrics For Bridesmaid Dresses

The feel of most hues this year is kind of soft, womanly and ethereal. We’ll find wishy-washy (light yellow, powder blue, baby pink, lavender, peach, and pale green), as well as sherbet colors like sea green, lime, and tangerine.
One of the most modern colors for bridesmaid dresses are the shades of purple, this year many celebrities are using this color for their weddings.
A “color run” is another trend in bridesmaid dresses particularly for spring and summer weddings. It means each bridesmaid wears the same dress but different color.
Well-liked fabrics this year include the European satin, iridescent taffeta or organza, silk, and luminescent chiffon.
Don’t forget to choose the right fabric for your dresses. Choose lighter fabrics for summer wedding and the opposite for an autumn or winter wedding.