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Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns For Different Body Types

The difficulty of searching for your bridal dress lies not in the scarcity of wedding gowns. Fact is, visit shops and you’d certainly drown in the myriad of choices present. What makes bridal dress hunting taxing is when you plunge into the search without a clear picture of what design suits you.
Hence, before you start scouting, consider which body parts to highlight and those which you need to hide. Simply put, know which silhouette suits your body type.

Wedding Gowns: The Classic, Elegant Silhouette

The ball gown is one of the popular designs for bridal dresses. It’s a classic style which has a fitted bodice with full, floor length skirt. It is popularly known as the Cinderella gown. While it may be your dream bridal dress since you were young, consider letting it go if you have an hourglass figure for it’ll make your body look disproportioned. This style is best for those who are thin and also for those with voluptuous or full figure.

Form-Fitting Styles Of Wedding Gowns

Women blessed with an hourglass or curvaceous body could get a form-fitting style like the mermaid, the trumpet, or sheath. Known to be a very sexy design, the mermaid silhouette hugs the body tightly and flares below the knee. Similarly, the trumpet fits snug but flares at mid-thigh.
Meanwhile, the sheath design follows the lines of the body and falls straight down. This silhouette is perfect for well-proportioned bodies.

A-Line Wedding Gowns Suit All Body Types

A-line bridal dresses fit many body types making them the most popular style today. This style is cut close to the hips and flares out into an A-shape down to the hemline. Dropped waist A-line dresses show off the figure of women with hourglass bodies and at the same time, elongates the figure of those with short hips-ribs distance. For brides who are pear shaped, this style accentuates the upper body and hides the lower part. This silhouette is also best for plus sized women.
Find the perfect bridal dress for you fast. Know which silhouette is most flattering for your figure and look stunning on your big day.