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Rom Dress Online Rental

Rom Dress Online Rental: What Exactly Is A Rom Dress?

If you’ve found yourself shopping for a gown or wedding dress for the first time in Singapore, then you’ve probably found yourself wondering: what the hell is a rom dress? Rom dresses are, in fact, formal dresses that have been custom-made for an evening event such as a society ball or prom. Rom dresses, however, are known colloquially as the equivalent of prom dresses, and serve more of the said function rather than a formal cocktail or ball dress.

Rom Dress Online Rental Choices

Finding the right rom dress for you online is effortless and easy as formal dress boutiques now offer a wide range of dresses that you may like. Do you want a floor-length dress or a short and sweet, knee-length dress? It doesn’t matter whatever you like, most dress rental shops would be able to provide you with a dress that may fit your taste.

Rom Dress Online Rental: Tips On Renting

When renting out an online rom dress, make sure that it fits you. Record your measurements and match it with the measurements of the dress online. If the measurements of the dress you want are not specified on the website, you can always call the dress shop’s hotline to consult with them.

Make sure that the dress is at least half a size larger than you as you’ll never know if you’ll gain weight before the date you’ll be wearing the dress. If your goal is to lose weight, choosing a dress that’s one size smaller can be a good motivation.

Now for the harder part: choosing the style for you. If you’re a bit heavy on the bottom and a bit short, never go for a long dress. Elongate the look of your legs by choosing a shorter dress. Now if you’re a bit curvy, a mermaid style dress can definitely highlight your body shape. If you’re a bit straight, choose a dress like a ball gown or a long straight dress.