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A Bride’s Guide In Selecting A Wedding Gown Rental Singapore

Your big day is one of the most significant days of your life. This is why your dream to wear the prettiest dress for this day is comprehensible. Now, if you have a shoestring budget, do not worry about not being able to get a breathtaking dress. Nowadays, you still can get a stunning bridal dress without having to pay a lot – thanks to wedding gown rental stores!

Wedding gown rental Singapore stores offer you a cheaper alternative to buying a gown. However, this doesn’t mean that what you’ll be getting are gowns in poor condition and in outdated styles. These are all false! Fact is, these shops have bridal dresses in several different designs that can fit all kinds of body shapes. Some have classic designs, while others are at par with current design trends.

Should you decide to rent your wedding gown, know that you would not have a hard time finding a wedding dress rental shop in Singapore. At present, you can even find one without having to leave your house as some of these stores have websites.

So, how do you select a bridal gown rental store? The first thing you should consider is their design selection. Do they have the design you want? If they do not, then it’s time to head to another store. What if none of these stores’ dresses suit your taste? Then, look for a shop which offers custom-made gowns for rent. In this style of service, the couture creates your desired gown and rents it out to you. Obviously, this option may be a little more expensive than renting a ready-made bridal dress, but it’s definitely cheaper than buying one.

After assessing the shop’s design, never fail to ask what’s included in their service. You need to know if the rental fee already includes alteration services. Likewise, know their terms or rules. How early can you pick up the dress? How many days do you have before returning it? If you are doing a destination wedding, giving it back a day after the wedding is not advisable.

While there are several bridal gown rental shops out there, do not ever think you can scout for a gown a month before. Renting a gown is just like buying or hiring a couturier to create your bridal gown – you must start as early as possible. Last minute bridal dress hunting can spell out disaster for you. So, scout early to avoid unnecessary inconveniences and for you to find the gown you definitely like.