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Where to Get an Evening Gown

Guests are typically required to wear formal dresses during a wedding in Singapore much to the joy or dismay of some guests. And if you’re kind of privy about picking out a dress you’d want to wear at a wedding, then purchasing an evening gown is your safest bet.

Evening Gowns these days are widely available in dress boutiques. Actually, you can even buy one at some of the department store in Singapore. Evening gowns are usually worn during ballroom dances and ultra-formal group functions as a means of observing social protocols. Gowns are also effortless to accessorize, although conventionally, an evening gown is worn with a cloak, a coat, a cape, or a shawl, gloves and a night handbag. As expected, jewellery are also worn to add a nice touch to the gown. State decorations must also be worn by visitors who possess them, and married women are also required to wear tiaras if they have one.

The evening gown design has evolved throughout the years as well as the kinds of material used in making them. Currently, the most popularly used fabric for evening gowns involve satin, taffeta, velvet, and silk and some kinds of mock fabrics. The finishing touches and details are made of lace, embroidery, ruffles, tinsel and pearls.

Evening gowns could be rented from a shop offering online dress rental in Singapore. This can be especially beneficial for wedding guests on a shoestring budget, or would not want to buy an expensive dress that they’d only be wearing once in their lifetime. Renting a gown is also cost- effective for people who attend society events on a regular basis, and would like to be seen in different clothing every time they attend an event.

Evening gowns typically take a month to finish and most shops and individual dressmakers do not accept rush orders. But worry not if you have an upcoming special event to attend to as you could always rent a gown from wedding party boutiques.