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Guide To Choosing The Right Styles Of A Wedding Dress

Guide To Choosing The Right Styles Of A Wedding Dress

Indeed, weddings and other special occasions are a great cause for celebration, particularly for women and girls. That’s not just because these events are significant and joyful in themselves; but also since they give women, ladies, as well as little girls the freedom to dress to the nines!

For nearly all women, deciding on that perfect dress is such a sweet sorrow every time, whether they are looking for a Wedding Dress, cocktail dress, bridesmaid dresses, or ROM dresses. The kind of occasion which calls for it, however, is at times a far less relevant consideration when searching. Oftentimes, it is their body shape which determines what style, and perhaps even colour, is the best one for the occasion. For those who are still finding it difficult to pick that one dress among racks and piles, here’s a guide to help you decide.

The empire-cut dress is excellent for women with small bust size, since its below-the-bust seam flatters the upper body while its high waistline adds height to the wearer as well. Women with rather big thighs and hips, on the other hand, will do well with an A-line dress. This style is guaranteed to flatter the waist instead.

On the other hand, the V-neck dress gives more height to petite women. Skirts that are above the knee also add on height, especially if paired with high heels. Those who want to appear slimmer should not pick dresses with flashy details and loud prints and get minimalist ones instead. Too much detail and loud prints and colours add weight to the body, compared with a flowing and simple dress.

So once you find yourself searching for that perfect ROM dress Singapore or the best set of bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, bring your bridesmaids along. You may choose just one colour for everyone, but on the subject of style, allow your bridesmaids to choose what they want, and perhaps ask your bridal gown shop whichwhat would go best for every one of them. Remember, it’s always good to look ravishing, but more significant to feel comfortable at the same time!