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The Meaning Behind The White Wedding Dress

In the modern history, white has become the official color of a woman’s wedding dress. While some couples still wear traditional wedding attires according to their culture and religion, many of today’s brides prefer to wear a white dress for their wedding whether it will be conducted in the church or a registry office.

Before, women used to wear traditional clothes when getting married. For instance, in Japan women would don kimono during their wedding day, while brides in India normally wear a red wedding sari. Taiwanese women would also opt for a red dress for their wedding.

If you browse magazines and various websites today to look for a wedding dress, you’ll likely be greeted by plenty of white wedding dresses in various styles and cuts, such as a long, flowy gown or a Ball Gown. About 75 percent of wedding dresses designed and sold now have sleeveless or strapless designs. These became a favourite choice since such designs don’t require too much skill from the designers, and they can be easily altered to fit the bride correctly.

The white wedding dress was not yet a common attire centuries ago until it was popularized by Queen Victoria during her wedding with her cousin Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840. The wedding became a crucial point for white dresses to be worn during weddings. White wedding dresses then have become prevalent over the West, and now many women in Singapore would love to wear such dress on their wedding day too.

No matter what style or color you’d want for your wedding dress, like a white knee-length dress with long train popularized by Coco Chanel in the 1920′s, it should reflect your true personality. There are a lot of online dress shops in Singapore where you can buy or rent your wedding dress. A great shop where you can acquire your wedding dress should offer a variety of designs and free alterations for your size.

Different Singapore wedding dress rental shops provide wedding dresses that are suitable for either a registry office wedding or a church wedding. A good shop will let you select among different styles-ranging from simple ones to more elaborate designs.