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ROM Dress Rental

ROM Dress Rental: The Long And Short Of It

ROM Dress Rental arrangements are great ways to save time, effort and money on finding the perfect attire to say “I do”. You can save as much as 50% on the cost of a custom-made dress, which most likely will be used only once in the first place. You can also save on time because every design for every personal preference is available in online bridal shops. Your job then will be to decide on your ROM dress’ hemline. Shall you go long or go short?

ROM Dress Rental: Go Short

Brides solemnizing their marriage inside Singapore’s Registry of Marriage usually choose short dresses for many reasons. Such choice is not a hard and fast rule but you may want to consider these reasons for opting for short bridal dresses for your ROM ceremony.

• You can show off your gorgeous legs and beautiful shoes.
• You will be able to move easily from one venue to the next since your dress’ hemline makes it easy to take long yet graceful strides. Your schedule is packed on this day, after all, with dancing also on the list of activities.
• You can wear a balloon-type skirt without invading the entire wedding venue. Plus, tutus are in.

Short dresses are also great options for casual weddings. You may want to skip on the long dresses and just buck tradition, too.

ROM Dress Rental: Go Long

Or you may want to stick to tradition and opt to wear a long wedding dress for your ROM solemnizing ceremony. You will find that this is a good option, too, considering that you will look more like the bride and less like the bridesmaids who are more likely wearing short dresses, too. It pays to stand out from your bridesmaids in a good way, if you don’t know that by now.

To overcome the demerits of wearing a long bridal dress, you must choose one with the right length, wear the right high heels, and fit the dress so that it flows around your legs in a graceful way.

Which is the better option in ROM dress rental? It’s your choice but this we must say: No matter your choice, you will be a beautiful bride when you choose the dress that highlights your assets and complements your personal style.