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Understand More About White Wedding Dresses

While traditional Eastern wedding attires for the bride and groom are often colorful, the Western influence of wearing a white wedding dress has been widely embraced in many Asian countries. That is why today a lot of women getting married normally choose white for their wedding dress.

Way back then, women used to wear traditional clothing when getting married. For example, in Japan women would done kimono during their wedding day, while a red wedding sari is the traditional attire of brides in India. Taiwanese women would also opt for a red dress for their wedding.

The Popularity Of White Wedding Dresses

If you browse magazines and various websites today to find a wedding dress, you will likely be greeted by plenty of white dresses in different styles and cuts, such as a Ball Gown or a long, flowy gown. About 75 percent of bridal dresses designed and sold nowadays have sleeveless or strapless designs. These became a favored choice as such designs don’t require too much skill from the designers, and they can be easily altered to fit the bride correctly.

The white gown was not still a common attire centuries ago until it was popularized by Queen Victoria during her wedding with Albert of Saxe-Coburg in the 19th century. The wedding became a critical point for white dresses to be worn on wedding days. White gowns then have become popular over the West, and now many women in Singapore would love to wear such dress on their wedding day too.

Choose The Right wedding gown

No matter what color or style you’d want for your wedding dress, like a white knee-length dress with long train popularized in the 1920′s by Coco Chanel, it should reflect your real personality. There are many online dress shops around Singapore where you can get or rent your dress. A reliable shop where you can acquire your wedding dress should offer various designs and free alterations for your size.

If you’re going to have a church wedding, a more elegant and flamboyant wedding dress is ideal. While a more straightforward but elegant version may seem better for your wedding in a registry office. Many ROM dress rental Singapore online stores offer such different styles.