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Wedding Dress Colors You Need To Avoid

Every bride is keen on accomplishing one thing before her big day: she must find the perfect wedding dress! Clearly, not every bride is has the ability to look for the right wedding dress with ease. Truth is, many brides find it difficult to look for a wedding dress that looks good when worn. For whatever reason, they find it perplexing to search for a wedding dress that fits their frame.

Every bride must engage in a meticulous selection process. Before doing so, she must know what qualities she is looking for in her dress. If you’re a bride to be, make sure you understand the details. Never overlook the tiniest details, as this simple error can cost you big time. Details like the fabric, the cut, the shape and of course, the color should be reviewed carefully. Color, for the most part, accentuates the appeal of every gown.

Color can easily turn your wedding dress into a disastrous nightmare or a dreamy delight. It is therefore essential for you to select a good wedding dress color without mistake. If you want a way to find the right colours, make sure you learn the colour no-nos first. Here are some bad wedding dress colours that you need to avoid.

Black is on top of the no no list. Initially, black was permitted as a colour for wedding dress. During the Victorian age however, the concept of black changed altogether. The colour seemed to express grief and mourning. Brides who were deemed unhappy and sorrowful preferred to don wedding dresses and gowns in black. Thus, it became a widespread perception that an unhappy bride would go and wear a black wedding dress. Despite the rise of black wedding dresses, inspired by the likes of Vera Wang, not a lot of ladies buy into the idea of wearing a black dress.

Grey, the close relative of black, was once considered a good color for wedding dresses. The proliferation of the middle class erased this notion. The bourgeoisie found the dress inappropriate and unlucky.

If you wish to comply with tradition, make sure you don’t associate your wedding dress with these hues.