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Wedding Gowns For Rent

How To Choose Wedding Gowns For Rent

Weddings are very important—not only because it is where you and your special one are “joined together as one”, but because this is where you form a new family, with your and fiancé’s families coming together to witness your union, and to join you celebrate.

When choosing a gown, there are many considerations you need to look into. You have to make sure that it is suitable to the venue, to your motif, the theme you want, and the season when you are married.

What To Consider For Wedding Gowns For Rent

The Venue. Your dress should be apt for the place of your wedding. Is it in a garden, the church, or a hotel? Consider what you have to walk through, and what surrounding elements are present that could get tangled to your dress. Know also what chair you would be sitting in so you would know what length and volume of dress you should pick.

The Motif. Your bridesmaids and Maid of Honour would be in one colour, and you could either use wedding gowns for rent that is in the same colour, or a nearer shade. White is a classic wedding gown colour so it could work with any colour, but you may go for pale shades of yellow, orange, and blue.

The Theme. Your wedding, although not consciously, has a theme. It is related to your venue and your colour. If it is suggestive of youth, go for a normal cut. If the theme is quite classy, go for a longer dress, with a more elaborate design.

The Season. Are you getting married in the summer or spring? These are things you still have to consider because of the weather and the temperature of your wedding day and the venue. If getting married in the summer, opt for a sleeveless, regardless of length. If in the last four months of the year, you may want to go for a long and thicker dress.