Evening Dress

Huge collection of Evening Gowns available for Wedding and Dinner Occasion.
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LD0370 | Flower Toga Evening Gown

Sell: S$499

Rent: S$280

LD0395 | Tube Drape Evening Gown

Rent to Keep: S$559 310

LD0392 | Sexy Toga Evening Gown

Sell: S$509

Rent: S$285

LD0385 | Toga Cap Evening Gown

Sell: S$459

Rent: S$260

LD0386 | Classy Red Evening Gown

Rent to Keep: S$499 280

LD0379 | Lacy Red Mermaid Gown

Sell: S$599

Rent: S$330

LD0369 | Toga Sleeve Evening Dress

Sell: S$439

Rent: S$250

LD0362 | Flowy Chiffon Evening Gown

Rent to Keep: S$499 250

LD0361 | Beaded Toga Evening Dress

Sell: S$459

Rent: S$260

LD0356 | Toga Drape Evening Dress

Sell: S$499

Rent: S$280

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