LD0351 | Strap Flowy Dinner Dress

Sell: S$529

Rent: S$295

Currently in Stock

Strap Flowy Dinner Dress – LD0351

Material: Chiffon

Colour : Plum Red

Strap Flowy Dinner Dress is a simple yet elegant dinner dress that is good if you are looking for a slim waistline outlook. Its V-shape cut on the waistline carried with a cross-back low back, this is definitely a masterpiece for a slimmer you. This Strap Flowy Dinner Dress is suitable if you are host to a wedding event or you are merely attending a dinner and dance.

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For Rental, please drop us an email (info@cupidogowns.com) or call us at +65 – 93823608 to make an appointment.

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