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SD0167 | Lace Dreamy ROM Gown

Price: $259.00

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Lace Dreamy ROM Gown – SD0167

Material: Lace & Organza

Colour : White

Lace Dreamy ROM Gown is constructed using lace and organza to add a dreamy effect for Brides wearing it. This Lace Dreamy ROM Gown is sewn with lovely flowers on the torso carried with quality beads sewn on these flowers to bring out the elegance and femininity for Brides.

Cupido Gowns and Dresses specialises in ROM Gowns and Dresses where our clients can try them on to see for themselves with the actual gowns. Clients do not need to sacrifice their money and time hassle of visualising themselves with providers that do not carry the physical stocks for these ROM Gown.

For Rental, please drop us an email ( or call us at +65 – 93823608 to make an appointment.

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